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Electric and Hybrid Car Driving Schools Directory.  - Article Details

UK driving school using Electric Car

Date Added: November 29, 2012 01:52:56 PM
Author: Admin
Category: Electric / Hybrid Vehicle Resources
Driving school ASK has started delivering driving tuition in a Nissan Leaf, making them possibly the first UK driving school to use a fully electric car for lessons.



Ask's EV pupils so far love it, it is very easy to drive, it has an added benefit as they can actually see how 'Ecco' they drive. The Leaf builds little trees in a display and this helps the pupil understand that early observation and action is not only safer but actually much more cost effective.

Ask's first EV pupil started with a range of 75 miles and ended the lesson with the range of 80 miles!

The leaf has two settings - normal Drive, this is very response with fantastic acceleration, the other setting which is mainly used is Ecco this is allows a lot more regeneration of the battery allowing greater range.

The full charge will do around 120 miles maybe a little more if driving in a Ecco manner, this will allow for around seven lessons with a quick thirty min fast charge to bring battery back to 80% if required.

Charged from home a full charge is £1.91 (nov 2012) from anywhere else it is free.

The actual cost per mile when charged from home(nov 2012):

4.7kwh = 11.3p

KWH *rate/distance= cost per mile

4.7* 11.3= 53.11/27.1=1.95p per mile

So just 2p per mile, or free from public charge points!